Silent Stars

I cried so hard I thought I’d die
for just a taste of something sweet
promised in his eyes.
The ache for what I hadn’t had
filled close to bursting
such pressure in my skin
leaked out in yearning
from beneath lashes
to end in salt upon my lips.




It tastes like the last piece of chocolate
inside my mouth,
and I’m bored with wasting time
pretending to savor dull things.

I should hide my shine for you.
Appease your forever-melancholy
by scraping the diamonds from inside my own eyes.
You would gladly watch me rip the grateful words out, my tongue dead in my fist
except that I am new now,
and you – too bitter to pass my lips –
are free to fly away.


Balloon Animal

I’m sure you had a logical reason
for quietly leaving me behind,
a justifiable synopsis
that made drifting away effortless.
I was confused and hurt,
like a wild animal almost tame
but not quite.
You were my balloon outside the carnival gate,
all those years ago.

what if I breathe in
then out
and drop the string I held too long for you?
There is pleasure in that,
in being weightless for a while.

We live in different worlds,
you in a brain
and I in a heart.

this is how I say



Offer my ears riches,
they’ve been blind in darkness too long.
Deliver more to me than dry, bare bones.
Utter something raw and true.
Make it sting.
Say something real.
Speak something worthy.
Leave me certain of your intentions.
I am too strong to pine for definitives a moment longer


Make words that are more than empty shells of what could be,
and I will risk my soul to bathe in the light with you.